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A group of people gathered around a table at a business meeting
A group of people gathered around a table at a business meeting

About Us

Unleash Infinite Possibilities in Technology

Welcome to iScope Solutions, LLC. Empowering your business by translating ideas and operations into innovative, tech-driven solutions. Our expertise lies in harnessing digital transformation to enhance growth and efficiency within your enterprise.

We are dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions in data management, business process optimization, CRM, and full-stack development. Our team of experts harnesses a variety of tools and techniques to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, ensuring your business works for you.

Our Services

Services That Connect You to Your Users

Understanding the challenges presented by the digital age, our comprehensive services are designed to streamline your operations, enhance data management, and improve customer engagement. We are your bridge to the future of business efficiency and innovation.

Data Management and Engineering

We excel in data management and engineering services, crafting customized solutions to enhance your data infrastructure for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Advanced Analytics and Visualization

Pioneering advanced analytics and visualization services, we specialize in tailoring solutions that elevate your data insights, enabling informed decision-making and fostering sustainable growth.

Business Process Optimization

Enhancing efficiency via business process optimization, our specialized services streamline operations for increased productivity and sustained business growth.

Comprehensive CRM Solutions

Elevating customer relationship management, our comprehensive solutions are crafted to optimize your interactions, delivering seamless experiences and fostering lasting connections for sustained business success.

Cutting-edge Full-stack Development

Empowering your digital presence through cutting-edge full-stack development, our services encompass end-to-end solutions, ensuring your applications are not only robust but also deliver a seamless user experience, propelling your technological landscape forward.

Seamless User-friendly UX/UI Design

Revolutionizing user experiences with seamless and user-friendly UX/UI design, our services focus on crafting interfaces that captivate and engage, ensuring a smooth and intuitive journey for your audience across digital platforms.

Our Purpose

Our Unwavering Commitment to Innovation and Powerful Values

At iScope Solutions, we are committed to accelerating innovation with world-class technology teams. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive services that enhance the digital capabilities of your business. We believe in giving you the power of technology to transform and drive success.

Innovation: Pioneering new technologies and approaches to stay ahead in the digital era.
Strategic: Crafting tailored strategies that meet specific business needs and drive growth.
Collaboration: Emphasizing teamwork and partnership to achieve collective success.
Optimization: Continuously improving processes and systems for peak efficiency and effectiveness.
Proactivity: Anticipating market trends and client needs to deliver forward-thinking solutions.
Excellence: Committing to the highest standards in every aspect of our services and client interactions.
Team meeting in office.

Our Process

How We Collaborate With You

Thinking Big

Envisioning impactful solutions, we prompt clients to consider long-term goals and industry evolution, ensuring our solutions are effective today and adaptable for the future.

Starting Small, Creating Fast

Emphasizing agility and quick wins, we begin with small, impactful projects, ensuring immediate value and responsive solutions that swiftly adapt and scale to evolving needs.

Innovating at Scale

At our core, we thrive on innovation, seamlessly integrating technologies for optimized, scalable solutions that grow with your business in dynamic environments.

Our Team

The Visionaries Driving Innovation

Nicholas G. Piesco

Nicholas G. Piesco

CEO/Data Solutions Architect

With a decade of experience, Nicholas leads iScope Solutions with a vision to revolutionize the way businesses interact with technology.

Robert Stathis

Robert Stathis

CIO/Head of Business Development

Rob excels in driving revenue and optimizing operations across diverse industries. Having expertise in GTM systems, advanced data modeling, data visualization, and automation, he is committed to executing cutting-edge sales strategies.

Christopher Le

Christopher Le

CTO/Full-Stack Engineer

Bringing a diverse background in consulting and freelancing, Chris is dedicated to creating innovative business solutions, all while crafting seamless digital experiences.

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